Tildon Krautz 8.16.15


tildon krautz

anti rational rabbit folk

Short Description

1. folk based themes heading in several irrational directions
2. of folk descendense, but without obscene language
3. whatever tildon krautz plays

Tildon Krautz's website: tildonkrautz.com

Raina Rose 9.13.15


raina rose

"Rose’s music possesses a warm disarming charm akin to the likes of Anais Mitchell (plus, among others who come mind), a little off centre and artful her songs spin neat vignettes and with her intelligent use of banjo and accordion to go with shuffling rhythm, her songs seep into the listener’s subconscious without her having to hit them sledgehammer style."

Raina Rose's website: rainarose.com

Schedule of Shows:

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