Roy Book Binder 11.1.14


roy book binder

Musically, Roy Book Binder is equally difficult to fence in or categorize. His eclectic repertoire includes blues, country tunes, bluegrass, folk, and popular songs that originated on Tin Pan Alley.

He fantasizes that if he had been born 50 years earlier, he would have become a minstrel man. One of his musical heros, Dave Van Ronk, once described himself to me as a songster. That title might suit Roy as well, his music, a reflection of his long musical journey through the rich American cultural landscape of the last half of the 20th Century.

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Project of Love 11.9.14


project of love

Project of Love, a music quartet using live music venues to spread the word about the mission of and act as ambassadors for the healing power of art. Changing Fate or CHNGNF8 is dedicated to providing free access to the tools necessary for cancer survivors and/or their caregivers to communicate what it means to survive through the arts.

Project Of Love features Jessica Jane't Brock/Vocals, Joey Percival/Bass, David Green/Drums, and Tracy Thomas/Guitar and Vocals. Percival and Green were the rhythm section Shreveport’s legendary Picket Line Coyotes. Thomas is a stunt man who has had roles in The Hunger Games Catching Fire, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and numerous other feature films. After meeting and hearing Tracy's story of fighting cancer and his desire to make a record of his music for his friends and family, they began work on what would become CHNGNF8.

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Hwy Lions 11.23.14


hwy lions

"The band's first CD, an 11-song, all-original venture, recorded in the attic of a local downtown bar, came out in 2013 under the title "Travelin On".The pleasant effort has a punchy sound that would have been quite at home in San Francisco of the 1960s or early 1970s, and has an energy not unlike that of Moby Grape before the hype, or the young Quicksilver Messenger Service.

In September, the Band successfully concluded a $5,000.00 Kickstarter campaign for it's new album. The new CD will be titled The Wheel, truncated from one of its tunes, the catchy rocker Reinvent the Wheel. "

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Papa Mali 1.25.15


papa mali

From his days with the Killer Bees to his solo debut with 2000’s storming Thunder Chicken and his rise as a producer helming the widely acclaimed The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster, Malcolm “Papa Mali” Welbourne has established himself as quite possibly the most ferociously funky guitarist and swamp-rock savant between South Austin and the Big Easy. A native of Mississippi who grew up in Shreveport, La., Mali describes his most recent album, 2007’s Do Your Thing, as “the audio equivalent of a warm mudbath on Jupiter,” which is at once both right on the money and deceptive: both Mali and his music may be “out there,” but there’s nothing at all spacey about this dreadlocked artist’s deep and dirty earthy grooves.

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