Claudia Nygaard 2.15.15


claudia nygaard

Claudia Nygaard’s captivating storytelling overflows from her songwriting into her live performance. With a voice like amber honey, and a twinkle in her eye that makes the entire audience feel she is sharing a secret with them alone, she takes them on an emotionally fearless journey with stories that expose a rare vulnerability and tenderness one moment, then a quick wit and an outlandish, irreverant sense of humor the next. Her songs move from heartfelt to humorous and from scrappy to sensual, and all the while the stories she tells in between them are as entertaining as the songs themselves.

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Dylan Leblanc 2.22.15


dylan leblanc

"Dylan LeBlanc's songs—cued from both reality and imagination—fit comfortably beside anything the great Southern Gothic writers—Flannery O'Connor, Tennessee Williams and, yes, Faulkner—could scribe. At just 20, LeBlanc has released a collection of songs (via Rough Trade), Pauper's Field, marked by heartbreak and poignant contemplation, as well as a fascinating maturity and narrative gift. An amber-hued, wistful and tastefully sophisticated album, LeBlanc's country-blues lyrical portraits and introspective reflections defy his youth and seep with sincerity.The son of Muscle Shoals session player and songwriter James LeBlanc, the Louisiana-born talent recently spent an afternoon in conversation with ASCAP, touching on creative authenticity, the thrill of collaborating with Emmylou Harris, the frequent comparisons to Neil Young and Townes Van Zandt, and the pressures and expectations of his newfound fame."

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